The Summer’s End

Whining 21 August 2009 | 2 Comments

I used to love summer, it was my favorite time of year. I could wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops and no jacket. I could walk around outside freely and go swimming. I could never stay out in the sun very long because of my pale skin but that never bothered me. I think my favorite thing has always been to just go for a drive with all the windows down blaring some good music.

Now, I'm not much of a fan, not like I used to. I don't have any shorts I really feel comfortable in other than cut-off sweatpants. I would rather shave my head than be caught in a bathingsuit. I never really get to enjoy the summer like I used to, there are so many things that seem to hold me back.

I'm actually not disappointed to have summer coming to an end this year but don't get me started on winter. I don't really care about the cold, I can handle that, I just hate the ice and snow. But I'm actually kind of excited for fall this year. Last year I was in Ireland for the best part of New England fall (it was very short for some reason) and I plan to enjoy every minute.

I will however miss my flip flops, I would wear them all year long if I could.

This summer though, was tough, as I was at my heaviest ever. I just felt trapped and like I just couldn't enjoy the weather no matter how much I wanted to. My goal, next summer to be able to enjoy it a lot more, to be in better shape and to feel better about myself.

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  1. Barb says:

    I know I need to be in better cardio shape, but I’m trying to just learn to accept my body the way it is. If I lose the 25+ lbs. I didn’t have when I was working out every day like I did 2 or 3 years ago, great. If not, I hope that’ll be fine, too. I guess that’s why they made capris. 😉 At any rate, we can still enjoy rolling down the windows and blaring the music!


  2. Manly Man says:

    I’m just getting into summer. T-shirt, no pants, doing the the Winnie the Pooh dance. My bones are finally loose and though the Fall is my favorite season, I will miss the sickly sweet scents of late August before the better bitter scents of decay and resins come with October.


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